Operation Wellness

Healing is not a linear process. There are so many kinds of healing. Miraculous healing is my favorite, of course. Who doesn’t like to hear about or experience miraculous healing? There’s also the healing that takes work, whether physical or emotional. This healing does not seem to fit in our box. It is never the “right” time frame or fit our expectations. I can’t count the number of steps or plan out what it will look like. It always looks different for each person and would not look the same way twice. These are all things I need to remind myself over and over and over.

I have been in this wellness process since November. That’s when I started the ultimate candida diet. (This is not an affiliate link.) http://www.thecandidadiet.com/ultimate-candida-diet/  The more intense process is about 60 days. When I started to see results right away, I took some short cuts. In about 40 days, I went back to some old ways, like having coffee in the morning and eating more carbs including gluten. I figured 40 days was a biblical land mark. Why not take that example? Everyone comes out transformed in 40 days. LOL!

After Christmas vacation, I had returned to work and homeschooling. By the end of January, I was back on schedule with everything including stress. I had not returned to my workout regiments yet. I still wasn’t feeling quite strong enough. My husband’s store also was in the process of moving a few doors down the street from its original location. I really wasn’t much help for that as my stamina, strength, and mental space was still compromised. I was feeling better overall, but was worn out or set back easily.

I started to have another set-back in February when I took on too many hours at work. I was angry, resentful, and disappointed. I felt like I had done all that work in the diet, just to sabotage myself. How would I get back on track? So I cut carbs again. To relieve the pre-vaginal infection symptoms, I would take a bath in the mornings with warm water and a few tablespoons of raw, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar with “the mother”. It sounds crazy, but this special vinegar would relieve symptoms and even prevent a full-blown infection.

I felt better a couple of weeks after making those adjustments, but within another month, I was having other symptoms come back. At that point, I became desperate again. I was thinking “I already cut carbs, I’m applying all the homeopathic remedies I can think of, what now?” My regular Dr. can’t help me. He just said, “if it helps, do it.” I needed someone to pull me out of this tunnel. I had seen the light at the end, but then the tunnel kept getting longer and I could no longer reach the light anymore. Experiencing what it was like to start to heal and then having it taken away was agonizing.

I had 2 chiropractic doctors recommended to me and I had been holding onto their business cards for some time. I kept thinking I had this and I didn’t need to incur the extra expense. I finally broke down and called them the beginning of April. The first one seemed really expensive for cash patients. The second one was about half the price. When the receptionist said the Dr. had seen patients with Candida and she could cure it….I was all in!!

My first appointment was April 15. Tax day will never be the same for me. I had never been to a chiropractor before. My appointment was for nutrition. Dr. Crystal did some muscle testing on me. I usually would have been skeptical about such a process. It felt like voodoo. Within the first visit, she said, “Yes, you have candida, but you also have a parasite”. I cried because this was the validation I really needed that I wasn’t crazy. It made a lot of sense as to why I couldn’t get better on my own. She gave me an herbal parasite complex and other whole food supplements. She confirmed the no carb, no sugar, no caffeine, no dairy diet. I stuck to that for the next 3 and ½ months.  On a side note, my cat had a parasite (trichomoniasis) that the vet couldn’t completely cure for about 2 years, so I asked Dr. Crystal if I could have gotten that one. She said she didn’t know if it was that specific parasite without further testing, but the treatment was a broad treatment for parasites. She also said I could give a small dose to the cat to see if it helps.

Within a month, I no longer had the parasite. The cat was no longer having diarrhea. I was feeling better only dealing with the candida side of things. My load was lessened a little. Most importantly, to have a “wellness coach,” was invaluable. I couldn’t do it on my own anymore.

She advised that I could introduce some gluten-free, yeast-free carbs mid July, but I waited until August because I was scared. She said as long as I didn’t have too many in one week, I should be ok. She also recommended organic foods, starting with meat and eggs being the most important.

As I am still on the wellness journey, it takes some trial and error. Other situations sometimes pop up.  I have been noticing my stomach bloating occasionally to the point of looking 4-5 months pregnant. I am working on trying to problem solve that right now. Thankfully I have a Dr. on board to help as well. This time, it has lasted 5 days. It is starting to go down. Dr. Crystal recommended I eat easy to digest foods right now and see if that helps. Chicken, fish, cooked veggies, and nut butters.

It is great to have a holistic Dr. on your side. If you are struggling with sicknesses, that your Dr. can not help you with, please look for a holistic one. It is well worth the time and money. This is the healthiest I have been in a couple of years. You don’t have to fight the battle alone!


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