Candida Holiday

In past blog posts, I have talked about the recovery process as being unpredictable and much like a roller coaster. One thing I have noticed, when I want to “give up” the most, I am closest to my next breakthrough. In light of this, I would like to encourage you to stay on the course. Here’s that “marathon thinking” process again. When I was at mile 23 in the marathon, I wanted to stop, but systematically had to create smaller achievable goals. I had to think “If I can just make it to that mailbox,” then reach it physically. Then think “if I can make it to the curve in the street,” and reach that. The body can persist much longer after the mind gives up. I had to tune my mind in minute by minute, so I could achieve the larger goal. It is no different here. You or I could be so close to our next healing breakthrough, but give up right before it is achieved. Can you imagine quitting the marathon at mile 25, when there are only 1.2 miles to go? Why would you or I give up on our health when the next wellness level is about to be reached? The biggest problem is you or I can’t measure it. There’s no mile-marker for us.

Currently, I am doing well. This is a testament to a great Candida diet , a great nutritionist/chiropractor, family support, and persistence over time. These are all mechanics, though. I can’t forget the prayers that have been said on my behalf and the work God has done in me to help me get to this new level. I am very thankful.

With all that said, we are approaching the holidays, where carbs and sugar are aplenty. How are we going to navigate? I am still thinking of last year’s pumpkin pie slice in my freezer. In a past blog post, I talked about how I was going to eat it once I got healthy. That piece of pie actually represents the one year anniversary of my health journey. It will be one year on Thanksgiving Day! That day I was really sick in the morning from “starving the candida.” By choosing to eat foods that wouldn’t nourish the Candida, I was temporarily making myself sick. I had literally a dime-sized portion of mashed potatoes, a dime-sized portion of stuffing, and a dime-sized portion of sweet potato with lots of turkey and lots of green beans. My plate looked like an artist palette. I was desperate to get a taste of those foods without tanking my diet. This year, I may enjoy a little more carbs, but I have to be careful. I don’t want to jeopardize my progress.

I would like to suggest a couple of ideas for your Thanksgiving meal, just in case you are short on ideas. It has been a struggle for me because of my time constraints. Normally, I would try all these recipes first, but, again, I haven’t had the time. Here’s a faux mash potato recipe: I also suggest, if you can eat garbanzo beans, for you to make a faux mashed potato with those too. When I make my hummus recipe thicker and add more garlic, it curbs my craving for mashed potatoes. I eat it hot. I also came across this recipe that I will try tomorrow as my substitute for stuffing: I can’t wait to try it. For dessert, I recommend Candida Killing Cookies. I have had this recipe before. This was my saving grace dessert for a while. I use organic stevia instead of xylitol.

I hope this gives you some ideas and encourages you wherever you are on your health journey. Keep going. You’re worth the effort. Your family and friends will benefit from your wellness too.



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