Candida Campaign

“Life is like a box of chocolates.” It is true, I never know what I am going to get. Under normal circumstances, not that circumstances are ever normal, there is a certain health level I have been able to maintain over the past month. It has been great. Then, there are the obvious additional circumstances that can throw health hurdles into the mix. Whether it be a physical or emotional stress, planned or unplanned, life happens.

I have been trying to plan on a good time to get my top wisdom teeth removed. I finally set a date for December 15th. I figured it would be a fun Christmas gift for myself. Anyway, going into it, I knew it may have additional side effects for me because Candida seems to be lurking long after you feel its symptoms lifting.

Since my appointment was for a consultation with possible extraction, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The staff really didn’t give me a lot of information because they were treating it like a consultation. I was treating it like an extraction because I knew I would choose to have it done that day. I knew the one wisdom tooth had come in and was decaying.

Since it had been years since I got my bottom wisdom teeth removed, I couldn’t remember a lot about it. I just had a local anesthetic for pain then. I asked other people about going this time, and they were saying they had to fast because they were sedated for the extraction. I decided to fast just in case. I did have minor effects from fasting. My legs became achy, and I was irritated. Normally, keeping your sugar levels maintained or balanced is important. For Candida sufferers, it brings on symptoms to go to eating extremes.

When I went in for the consultation, the oral surgeon only recommended one top wisdom tooth to be removed. It was the one that was decaying. He gave me a local anesthetic. When it was done, my legs felt heavy, and they made me sit for a while. The Dr. was surprised that I fasted, and felt this was why I was not feeling well. I wished the staff had communicated more beforehand on this.

Knowing my Candida dietary restrictions beforehand, we stocked up on some prepared foods. I did not have time to pre-make some of these items, so I bought from a more trusted source. Buying mostly organic and all non-gmo. Most people would buy ice cream to have cold food after wisdom tooth extractions. My husband bought 5 kinds of hummus and organic frozen berries to help me prepare. For the first couple of days, I made kefir berry smoothies. I also ate hummus with a spoon out of the container. This provided me with the cold, soft foods I needed while supporting my Candida diet. Kefir is a great probiotic, packed with more live cultures than yogurt. In addition to this, I upped my probiotic tablets to 2 per day and upped my kombucha, another probiotic, to 3 bottles per day.

I was taking pain meds and an antibiotic. The downside to antibiotics is that they don’t discriminate bad bacteria from good bacteria. This offers Candida sufferers another challenge. We have to continue encouraging good bacteria, if not, Candida will start to thrive again. I stopped using grapefruit seed extract for 2 days and anything considered a blood thinner while I was on the pain meds and my gum was healing.

By Saturday, I stopped using the pain meds. I was feeling achiness in my legs, and back that I associated with the antibiotics kicking in. As the antibiotics kill the good bacteria, yeast can take advantage of this and start to overgrow. The balance of good bacteria in the gut keep Candida at bay. At this point, I restarted my grapefruit seed extract and upped it to 2 tablets per day to get more antifungals in. It is important to space out the probiotic at least an hour apart from the anti-fungal for probiotic effectiveness purposes. I resumed my other supplements Ashwagandha tablets and Pau d’Arco tea for immune system benefits. Pau d’Arco is an antifungal as well. If you want to read more on those, click on links  and . I started drinking one Pau d’Arco tea in the morning and one at night. Between the antifungals and the probiotics, I began to feel a difference. The scale was being tipped back in my favor. On Sunday, potential yeast infection signs were gone. I had intermittent achiness, not lasting, usually in between probiotic doses.

Taking all this into consideration, I am on my last day of antibiotics. I am so excited. I feel pretty good. I may get through this without long-term effects. There’s an important lesson here. I already have an arsenal at my fingertips and so do you. The whole learning process has given us so much information. We just have to put it all together and sometimes increase what we are doing to counteract the current situation. It is not all lost. Is it ever? This is a war. Many battles may need to be fought before the war is won. It’s ok. The more experience we have on the battlefield, the smarter we become. Success is imminent. Persistence is key.

Thank God for all the wisdom and courage He has given me to fight this and the blessing of helping others along the way.


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