Confessions Of A Candida Sufferer Or Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Confession time is now. For the most part, I have been adhering to the Candida diet, keeping my carbs, sugars, dairy, and caffeine low. I have been able to enjoy those things in moderation. I did enjoy too many of them Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. That’s where the confession time comes in. Honestly though, because I am in such better shape, the “recovery” has been easy. The most I have experienced is tiredness. It took a good year of the Candida diet and supplements to get to this point. Maybe it took that long because I was undiagnosed for over a year prior to treatment. Whatever the reason, I am so thankful for my current state.

I would like to spend some time on good recipes. When I had to sacrifice eating many foods I enjoyed, I felt like I was giving up everything I liked. I felt sorry for myself. In actuality, I enjoy more diverse foods now. I have tried more foods than I ever had before. There is a learning curve involved as I try to cook with different ingredients, but it is well worth it. I always add more seasonings because it always pays off. Avoid store-bought sauces which tend to have lots of sugar or unhealthy ingredients. I use products like lemons, limes, unfiltered unpasteurized apple cider vinegar, tahini paste, and substitute coco aminos for soy sauce. I make my own flour using almonds, cashews, or quinoa. I make my own nut butters with almonds, cashews, or sunflower seeds. The ninja or another high-powered blender can be a great tool for making nut butters or flour. Sometimes I have to add a little olive oil, small amounts at a time, to get a creamier nut butter. I also buy raw, unsalted cashews and almonds. I add my own Himalayan pink salt. I find raw sunflower seeds are too bitter, so I buy roasted/unsalted. Once I started making my own nut butters, I realized how good they are. I store nuts and seeds in the freezer and nut butters in the refrigerator to avoid mold.

Good recipes can be difficult to come by when you are short on time. Building your own recipe library is key for the Candida sufferer. I found a nice English muffin recipe. It’s for a single serving, but my family enjoys these too, so I multiply it for all of us. Click on this link  I made the cinnamon raisin kind. I don’t use syrup though.

Here are a few entrees. I used my own spaghetti sauce on top instead of making theirs because I already had some in the freezer. I added more seasonings to the lasagna recipe and omitted the cheese. This next recipe was great using kefir. I omitted the grapes to eliminate sugar. The next recipe is a simple salmon recipe. My whole family loves this one too. It is important to be able to feed your whole family with a recipe. It creates “buy in”. I feel supported and it makes me excited to make something they like. At first, it was more difficult to maintain my diet because I was creating “the less desirable” meal for me while they were eating the awesome meal. Now we are all enjoying the awesome meal together. It takes courage and practice. Do I still bomb with a new recipe occasionally? YES! Ask my kids. When I fail, I have a teachable moment. “You know, I don’t care for this either, but next time, I’m going to try other seasonings with it. We may not like it this time, but I can make it better next time. It takes practice to relearn how to cook. It’s similar to when I first learned to cook. I wasn’t always good at it.”

Desserts are also difficult to find when you have to omit sugar. Here is an amazing one my whole family loves. I used 1/4 tsp of organic stevia and 1 tsp of cinnamon. You can try substituting carob powder for unsweetened cocoa powder if you are afraid cocoa powder will be a risk for you. I don’t seem to have a problem with cocoa powder.

I hope this encourages you and gives you more tools to use. Over time, you will become a pro at making Candida safe choices. It will become second nature, and you can look at your recipe library when you get stumped.


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