Groundhog Day Or Candida Assessment Day?

Is this really groundhog day? That is a question that seems to come up from time to time. The Candida sufferer is always looking for the monster around the corner because one never knows if they are fully recovered. A symptom may pop up that makes it look like Candida is on the prowl, but maybe my iron was low or my neck was out of place. Any of these problems could cause lethargy or headaches or other pain.

Early last week was a little different. I started the week with pre-vaginal infection symptoms. Being mildly concerned, I took a vinegar water bath. If you have been reading my blog, you will know that this is simply ¼ to ½ C. unpasteurized apple cider vinegar and the rest is water. This is an excellent way to kill unwanted bacteria or yeast. In fact, this may help avoid an infection if treated early enough over a couple of days.  It seemed to be under control until I started driving to work on Friday and found myself in tears. My forgetfulness and brain fog seemed to be increasing as well. What was happening? I couldn’t put my finger on it until I remembered glimpses of events from the week.

I recently helped my husband move from his store front location to another location before I had to go to work. It was a lot of physical labor. I was so glad we had other people helping that day. For lunch, I ordered pizza for them and a gluten-free pizza for me. When I went to pick-up the pizza, they told me they were out of gluten-free crusts. I just ate the regular pizza. Let’s add this up so far: we have dairy, gluten, and tiring physical labor. I went to work that night and closed. I didn’t get much sleep that night.

My husband and I unloaded the truck the next day. We were doing pretty well until faced with the last two items. While unloading the large wooden cabinets, one slipped and pushed me back. I fought hard until it pushed me into a table and hit my knees. My kids and husband were upset, waiting to see what was going to happen next. I went inside to ice the knee that took most of the force. After seeing everyone emotional, I said, “Who wants to go for ice cream? We need to get out of here and have some fun.” I enjoyed a lot of ice cream, thinking the old way, “I did a lot of physical work, I can have ice cream.” I think I was thinking about calories. What I should have been thinking about was the toxic load on my body. The total I was up to was dairy, gluten, lack of sleep, tiring physical labor, and now sugar, more labor, an injury, and more dairy.

For the first time in several months, I felt like I was slipping back into the clutches of Candida. I felt overwhelmed as I was sinking back into the pit. Looking back, my interactions with my kids were short again. I was losing ground and felt helpless. I had to get back into the “war” mindset. In between the tears, I thought, “I have to fight before it’s too late. I know how to do this. Ready or not.” I was already armed with information. I would have to force myself to cut out any small amount of carbs I had added back into my diet and up my supplements.

It’s interesting how the emotional side of it took a while to take root, but once it did, it took hold of me deeply. The anxiety multiplied quickly whether there were tangible reasons or not. Every stress was amplified, making me emotional. I started to question whether I was doing anything right…homeschooling, mothering, working.

The battle that raged and still rages in my mind is the most challenging part of the process, but it also got me to reevaluate my health again. What next? I have to go back to the mechanics of it. As much as I can, I have to breathe through the emotions and dispel them. I have to increase my antifungals, taking 2-3 grapefruit seed extract tablets per day and drink pau d’arco tea two times per day. Increasing my probiotic tablets to 2 per day, and my kombucha (fermented tea) to 3-16oz bottles per day is necessary. Remembering to take antifungals and probiotics an hour apart from each other is key in order to get the most effectiveness out of the probiotics.

Whether you are here again or doing well, take heart, because we know how to fight. It was much harder before, especially when undiagnosed. The information we have is priceless. Engage the battle so you can win.


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